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 Lexi of Starlight Bolognese has three special bolognese boys available to go now to their new homes. They are potty trained and have received their immunizations. Personality Plus.

  Sadly Gentle Winds Bolognese is no longer able to breed . The website has been sold to Lexi Preisser of Starlight Bolognese in Florida

 Lexi has three beautiful little males ready to go to their forever homes. They have been raised with much social interaction and over the top feeding/training. These little guys are joy personified.  Please call her at 954 438 4437
She will want info on your home, your family, your vet, and your experience with dogs.

Lexi: '
I am a CCPDT Trainer, I have a BS in Zoology specializing in Ethology, I also have a BA in Journalism/English, I have been in rescue  for 20 years. I rescue dogs providing foster care, often  rehabilitating them.  I am called by the police to evaluate an "aggressive" dog who usually turns out to be terrified and charges out of fear, not aggression. I train deaf dogs and difficult dogs. The worst cases are given to me. I do this free of charge for the pounds, humane societies and rescues. I do it to help these dogs whom everyone wants to kill for no reasons other than that they were let down by some human and never given a chance to develop their full potential.  Some of the best dogs have come from the worst situations.

 I have written many articles for dog related magazines on dog behaviour and how to "read" dogs. I have written on  becoming a better dog parent as well as articles on nutrition, care  of dogs with specific diseases, new laws, etc. I write the blurbs for the ASPCA and am a Board member of the American Maltese Association, Board Member of F.I.N.O. dog rescue which specializes in rescuing Spinones, and the more rare European dogs used for hunting.

I am heavily involved in creating an animal abuser's registry, enacting harsher laws for animal cruelty, banning gas chambers, puppymills, etc. The list of groups I am a member of is lengthy.

 I am a FEMA Certified First Responder for small/large domestics and some wildlife.  In the event of a disaster, I am allowed to go to the site and set up an area to handle the animals being rescued.  I am a Coordinator which means I am the first out there and have to determine how to set it up so the waste doesn't become a huge issue, and basically set up a vet hospital/shelter in the middle of nowhere with very little supplies.  I have 2 assistants and once we determine the best set up, the volunteers pour in. They are vets, vet techs and good samaritans.  I have done this 3 times and it was an amazing experience but exhausting and heart breaking. You never sleep.  Coordinators stay for the duration, volunteers have to stay for at least 3 days but often stay longer.

  I want to breed on a small scale but very select, small, square baby -faced, perfect specimens of the Bolognese of Catherine the Greats court.  I will never breed a female more than 3 times in her lifetime and only if her lines, both genealogical as well as physical, are to my standards.  The puppies will be raised in a clean home environment, lots of socializing with other animals and people, especially children. My puppies will not leave until they are 12 weeks of age and have been vaccinated and checked by a vet and will have a chip with the Kennels name which cannot be deleted. The buyer can add his/her name but my Kennel name and phone number will be the first. They will also be potty trained and know their name.  Buyers are welcome to come to my house to check on their puppy or get weekly updates if they are far away. They will be required to sign a contract that specifically states the dog MUST be returned to me if they are unable to keep him/her. Otherwise a $5000 fine is incurred and they will be taken to court.


GWB does own two females in partnership with Barb and Paul Page of  in upstate New York. Melita and Loli are producing incredible babies which are raised in "heaven on earth". 

Giovanni , peeking out a a purse,  is pictured here at a year . Gio is Sugar's full brother. Both "delightfully smart 

 Here's looking back at you...some of Gentle Winds favorite puppy shots: Have you ever wondered about the greatest gifts of the Italian Masters of the 12th Century? Look no further than the Bolognese: The dog that was the passion of nobility was almost lost to the world. Some great mastepieces have been saved ; their beauty and personality enhancing the life of everyone they touch  The "pieces of art" pictured above are  Suhki ( Renaissance Niccolo' X little White Wonder Julie Delizia ( Sakala) , Aphaia Gucci ( Nadia) ,Gentle Winds  Renzo ( Predatino Angelo X Amma )now with  Giovanni ( Teo X Dalia)  Gigi (( Giovanna)  Po Tolo X Mika),   Alfie ( Predatino Angelo X Amma) now with Joanne Bailey of Jamestown, NY.  Myakka ( Mario X Nadia) now with The Raven's Roost bolognese kennel in Live Oaks, Florida

  On Rt. Giovanni ( Teo X Dalia) at 9 weeks, will go to his new home where he will heal the broken hearts of the family who lost their first Bolo Vinney after 17 years. He is up to the job. His greatest "trick" is to  caresses your cheek with his front paws. ( I thought the vet would steal him) Like his parents he is a tiny dynamo 1# 11oz. Pictured also are Teo 6# 1oz)  ( daddy) on Left at 8 months  , and  Dalia 4.5# ( mom)( center) shown  at 8 months.To find your own special family member check out our news page and drop down to Puppies For Sale

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   LEXI has this puppy's brothers  available. Two were kept for breeding but now are being sold at 12 months of age as pets. One male is 7 weeks old...breeding quality.      

       Welcome to Gentle Winds Bolognese  
Exceptional beauty, structure and quality Enjoy DaCoda (on the right) Gloria's first Bolognese... and Mabel (Mama Mia) on the left. This photo was taken 20 minutes after Mabel arrived in MN. from Slovakia. True to the nature of the breed, she never missed a beat with her calm happy demeanor. 







                         Breeder of Distinction with the Bolognese Club of America Going above and beyond for the benefit of my clients and the Bolognese breed. 




Official Greeter, Mika 7-30-09 pictured at 25 months. ( daughter of Mabel)  Like her mother, she is Peace and Love personified.

GWB often host visitors who have traveled several hours to meet this rare dog.Our guests are always exuberantly greeted at the door by our little ones. As soon as our guests are settled into a chair or onto the couch , they are joined by one or all the dogs who immediately settle into the laps of "their company" and plant kisses on their faces. One man, visiting with his wife and daughter, grinned at me through peals of laughter and said, "You train them to do this don't you?" They had fallen in love. In the midst of our conversation, the wife mentioned that they had chatted about the probability that the dogs would not be half as beautiful as they appeared on GWB's website. To their utter delight, they declared that the girls were even more beautiful than in their photos. And so it is that to be in the presence of the Bolognese is to fall captive to their charm, their beauty, enthusiasm and sweet energy. 
After a session at the "beauty shop" the girl's groomer said to me, "I am so in love with this breed. Every single one of your girls has the most beautiful disposition. They have never given me one moment of trouble.To own one of these rare dogs is highly prestigious. To discover their wonderful temperament is such a joy. No wonder they were considered the greatest gift one king could give another. I can't believe I'm saying this...I raised and showed labs for years...but I'm IN LOVE with this breed...more than any other I have ever met." 
 And in the words of one of my dog sitters, " I have never liked small dogs. But, there is something about these Bolos that has stolen my heart. You know, they talk to me." 
2013  It is with deep regret that I must announce that I can no longer breed this beautiful dog. There are many breeders in the US who now raise puppies from the offspring of my imports. They have changed the face of the Bolognese in America adding smaller size, squarer bodies and that beautiful baby-face. Slowly, with great love and passion we are bringing this rare breed back to its original glory.
  Warmest Regards, Gloria Davis 

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When does a house become a home? When it is ringing with the laughter of children or touched by the presence of pets.

                                      The magical Bolo...maker of happy home
As each puppy who leaves our home for yours, you become our extended family

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We are a small family owned business whose heart grows each time another beautiful family embraces one of our babies. We are available to answer questions and desire always to get updates. Your stories make our day. 

pic of  Absolom when he was 12 weeks old. $0pic of Agador at 12 weeks old$0 $0 Anakin is 13 weeks of age and ready to go to his new home HE is of breeding and show quality. 4-04-14
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